So first off as you can tell most of these pictures were snapped in the dressing room…so don’t mind whatever is on the mirror I just noticed that:/ Anyways as you know another fall favorite of mine has been the “shirt around the waist” trend. I kindof threw this look together because I wanted to wear this crop before it… Read more →


Sam Edelman // 2. Fringe/Red Dress Boutique — Army Green/Red Dress Boutique // 3. Tan Fringe // 4. Jess Lea Boutique // 5. South Boutique // 6. Sugar Booties As you can tell, I’ve been a sucker for a fringe boot. Well actually, I’ve been helping several of my friends online boot shop for the perfect Fall bootie. Now I’m not sure how much help I’ve… Read more →


  As I’ve mentioned before, to me fashion is all in the risk. I really just threw this outfit together because I love this baggie tee and these jeans are so comfortable! Then I ended up going with boots because well I’m kindof over my sandals lol. When I left the house I wasn’t even very sure that I like… Read more →


Ok so this whole “dress” shorts look I was a bit hesitant of. I always loved it on others but didn’t know if it was for me. I think with fashion sometimes you just have to take the risk. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. This summer I stock up on the “dress” shorts and never looked back. They are… Read more →