Monthly Archives: March 2015


  The straw fedora is out and it can only mean one thing…my spring wardrobe is out in full effect! About time to start packing up my winter boots and pulling out my sandals. Also so excited about my up coming getaway!! Packing has commenced and all things neon and bright are coming with me! I’m so excited I’m having… Read more →


  I was still in warrior mode yesterday after seeing Insurgent on Saturday night! I can’t lie I didn’t know how the movie would be from the previews. But I was SO impressed! I love that Tris is such a fighter and is never afraid to back down from a battle! I  was on the edge of my seat the whole… Read more →


  When my friend found this top and showed it to me there was no question about it not coming home with me. It combines my love of sports and fashion perfectly. Sometimes in life…sports, fashion, everyday things…things creep up and try to hurt you. But at times it’s best to just pick yourself up and keep going. A champion… Read more →


  Happy FriYAY!! It’s the weekend again and I’m headed back to the movies for INSURGENT! I’m so excited about this movie! One of my favorite quotes from the last movie was “fear doesn’t shut you down it wakes you up”. To me it means to be fearless and stand for something you believe in. Ahh I’m getting so excited! Check… Read more →


  If you follow me on Instagram you saw I snagged this purse a few weeks ago on clearance. As you may know by now…I love a good sale! But to get the best deals I have found you have to shop out of season. End of winter and end of summer tend to be when I find the best… Read more →


    I found this top this past weekend at American Eagle. It’s seriously the softest tee ever!! I couldn’t just leave without it and honestly I’m contemplating going back for the dark grey color just like it. AND on top of that it’s on clearance…so RUN, don’t walk to get yours now!! It’s perfect for those cooler nights out, and… Read more →