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Now I have to be honest “dressing down” is not really my strong suit. I’m that girl who is always over dressed no matter the occasion, but I like it that way. I’m my own style. As I’ve gotten older I have trended toward caring less about what others think about me (or what I’m wearing) and more about just doing me…which tends to always have some type of heel, sequin, or fur. SO as you can imagine my causal outfits will tend to have the same. I found this Juicy top at Kohl’s during Christmas. I knew the minute I saw this top it was coming home with me…I mean who doesn’t love sequin high heels?! And let’s not forget these amazing Nike high top wedge sneakers. I had been stalking them for years (yes you read that right YEARS –side note I tend to always wait until things go on sale before I purchase) and finally found an awesome deal on them while I was in Gatlinburg over Christmas break. Sale purchases are always the best purchases. :)

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