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Due to the non-stop rain for the past week I’ve had to get a little creative with the blog this week, so bear with me!:) Today I decided to share a few of my new favorites. First off let’s talk about these ponytail holders I found at my salon. They are AMAZING! They hold your hair tight without leaving that dreadful line when you take it down. And for someone who has become a master at second and even third day hair these are lifesavers for when you want to throw it up one day and wear it down the next! And they don’t budge…once it’s up…it’s up for the day! Check them out HERE — Also I’ve become newly addicted to this Brownie Brittle after seeing it on the lovely Amber Fillerup Clark’s  Barefoot Blonde blog! Here’s the video about her healthy snacks: Brownie Brittle (ps-the little cucumber sandwiches are also amazing!!) And finally…although not new…after watching Alabama’s spring game this Saturday and with the NFL draft only a few weeks away my football fever is starting to rise. So to ease my lack of live action I’ve resorted to pulling out every football movie I own! Seeing them just gets me so ready for Fall!

Hope you all had a great weekend and ready to conquer this Monday!


Love Fashionably,


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