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I have been DYING for this sunglasses for months now! They are just the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe…either for a shopping trip around town or to the beach with the girls! They are are must!

I’ve also fallen in love with this swimsuit. I must admit I was boycotting VS when they first came out with their spring swimsuit line. I mean who could wear those?! But slowly they’ve introduced styles more to my taste and I can feel my VS strike will be ending very soon! Because ladies there is a 20% off any single one swim item ending TODAY!!!

This Bose speaker is a must for anyone who loves a good pool/beach day. I never leave home without mine! (side note: I have the older version but I’m sure this one is just as great!)

My friend swears by this SPF on our beach trips! To be honest I’ve only used it once and I don’t remember if I liked it or not. But I feel it is a great excuse to try it again! And with pool days coming soon I’ll keep you posted on the results! I can’t wait!

Over the past few weeks I have begun living off these waters! They are so tasty! They come in so many different flavors and I haven’t met a flavor yet that I didn’t like! And BONUS they are only 68 cents! Yep! So even if you don’t like it…it’s worth the try right?! (Warning: if you can’t stop buying them just remember I warned you;))

What are your favorite summer must haves!? Leave me a comment below!:)

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