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I’ve been so excited to share this look all week, but been feeling a little blah this week has this post a bit delayed. I scored this amazing vest at a boutique my friend works at a few weeks ago. To say it was a perfect addition to my Fall wardrobe is an understatement. I went in just to say hey and then she ¬†goes and pulls this out saying it looks just like you! So of course I had to try it on and then take it home with me! It’s amazing!!! I love the color…is it it green..who cares it’s unexpected and perfect! Fringe is another MUST for the Fall!

Also so excited not only about a three day weekend but it’s finally FOOTBALL season!! In my house Fall and Football go hand in hand. Can’t wait to watch my TIDE ROLL in Jerry’s world! Who are you watching this weekend? Let me hear your upset alerts!

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