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I’m so excited to share this post with you all!! Last week I went to see my favorite hair stylist who put in these amazing extensions. Now I must admit this is my first time ever getting any type of extensions…clip-ins or tape-in. I was super nervous about getting them but so extremely excited as I’ve always wanted some. I never really thought I’ve had “bad hair” but THIN hair. I have always had to tease or curl my hair and pray it holds the curl to have any type of body.

The process of putting the extensions in took no time at all!! I was so impressed. I thought it might take several hours but literally I was talking then just like that it was done! Being brand new to extensions it did take some adjusting for me..but I QUICKLY fell head over heels in love with them!!! They feel just like my normal hair and they are not heavy!! I was so concerned I would feel them constantly but NOPE I hardly know they are there…except when I look in the mirror and see my fabulously new thick hair!;) The length is perfect for me! It added just enough extra length and gave me that thickness I’ve always dreamed of having!!

The color of my hair has been my favorite ever! I’m pretty trusting when it comes to letting Brittney do whatever she thinks is best. She came up with this color using Hair Forensic BONDPLEX. My hair has never been a brighter,  blonder, or looked healthier. 

I am currently wearing Eye for Design, European Hair, 18 inches, color #613. The color and extension placement was done by The Look by Brittney Shelton.

Still getting used to this whole new hair world, but loving every minute of it!! XOXO


Love Fashionably,



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